Regardless of the solution you choose, where do you get the hardware or software?

Why not let us do all the hard work – you tell us what you need, we’ll purchase, unpack/test (if you wish) and deliver.

No more shopping site to site trying to find the right item, or unpacking dozens of boxes to find out you’re missing something important!

As a way to keep costs down, we often times buy tools, materials, electronics, or other items in bulk or on the used market. (Note that we’ll never sell you used items unless it’s already part of the quote!)

To pass savings on to you, we sell items we don’t need through our online store in addition to the occasional custom designed product.

You can see current listings at the links below, but remember, we do primarily custom orders and manufacturing. If you need something and it’s not for sale right now, Contact Us!

Bonanza Store

eBay Store

Etsy Store

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