We run a machine shop that specializes in single or short run parts. That means if you need one or two custom items that would be cost prohibitive to buy at a production shop, we can meet your needs at a lower cost without sacrificing quality.

If you need a few hundred of the same item made, we’re going to send you to a production shop. We’re not going to take a job that will end up costing you, the customer, more money for no reason. If you need short runs or even just one item made, we can do it for less with no minimum orders.

We offer services as simple as providing custom sized stock for your DIY projects or advanced as machining precision parts for any application, not to mention 3D printing.

Need something that needs to be high quality and sturdy but doesn’t have to be precision machined? What about plastic? Maybe it doesn’t make sense to set up an injection mold for just a couple things – No worries, we can 3D print it out of PLA – Reducing costs and cutting turnaround time.

Have an idea but don’t know how to turn it into a reality? Or maybe you have a picture or a 3D model that needs to become a blueprint?

We can help with that too! All you have to do is explain your vision to us and we can do the rest.

If you already have blueprints, you can upload them now to receive a personal quote.

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