Information Technology

So you decided to start a business? Great! You have the building, the furniture, the product, and the know how. All you need now is the technology. We specialize in small business networking and phones, but we can do it all!

We’ll help you decide what you need, where to buy it, and get everything installed from the first TV to the last credit card terminal and everything in between (including the network, business cards and website!).

We strive to provide economical solutions for businesses of any size and can work with you to get what you need for the price you need.

Of course we can set everything up, pull network cables, configure your WiFi, printers, card readers and computers making the whole process completely turnkey for you – But what if you don’t mind pulling cables?

We can take care of purchasing equipment (Sometimes used if you wish, saving cost up front), configuring settings/needed software, and bundling needed peripherals and cables, then simply ship or deliver the final product to you – Resulting in an easy plug-and-play solution with reduced labor costs.

What if you want something that’s just plain weird? It’s hard to find, it has to be purchased in pieces and assembled, or just doesn’t exist on the market? We can help!

Maybe you even need something as simple as a workstation to keep up with your invoices or your customer’s products. If you let us know what your needs are, regardless of how unusual they may be, we can work within your costs to get exactly what you need.

Contact us anytime to set up your free consultation!

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